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Stock your pantry up on your terms with healthy rice that anyone (including kids) can heat up instantly.

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Black rice is the best whole grain out there, period.

It's healthy without sacrificing taste. Its unique nutty flavor and chewy texture makes this superfood so wholesome. 

On top of that? The warm smell that comes after heating it just makes the experience that much better.

The best ingredient 
and sidekick
6-Pack Cooked Savory Classic Black Rice

Our savory classic black rice is a fully cooked super grain with just organic sunflower oil, water, and black rice. It has a strong aroma and when you first bite into it, you'll feel the unique nutty flavor and crunch of the black rice.

This dark and divinely grain has been known for thousands of years. Once reserved for royalty, we've now made it super easy and convenient for you to have with any meal.

Classically seasoned

Our ginger scallion black rice is a fully cooked super grain with authentic ginger scallion flavoring. This variety has this awesome umami and sweet flavor. All of our ingredients are fresh, which gives it the BEST flavor.

A little spice
A little sweetness
Fully balanced.

6-Pack Cooked Chili Garlic Black Rice

Our mild chili garlic black rice is a fully cooked super grain with a classic Asian flavor combo. This variety has this awesome a perfect balance of sweet & spicy. Just like our popular sweet curry hot sauce, we are now making a rice dish with a kick that does not knock you off your seat and keeps you coming back for more.

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