Our Story

My family arrived to the U.S. in the 1970's and opened up their first Chinese restaurant. It became a way for my parents, Eddie and Jenny Wu, to connect with the American community and start a family. 

They expanded their Chinese food to Japanese and Taiwanese cuisine across New Jersey, building their menu around locals. The classic Asian restaurant fare isn't traditional, but it is 100% authentic Asian American.

From the Beginning

My parents always tried out new recipes in their restaurants - that's what made it so special for our fans. 

Customers would come in the door and my dad would often run them over to a table, excited about another new idea or "new concept" he would say. It would be an exciting, engaging experience for them.

A New Experience

When I had to take over my family's restaurants (that's me on my mom's right), I found a burning desire to make an impact in a more significant, scalable way. 

While Asian restaurants paved the way for Asian cuisine in food service, WUJU's goal is to become a platform for packaged Asian foods to achieve the same elevation and accessibility.

- Larry Wu