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It's okay to be
a little saucy.
Do you, WUJU?!

Hot Sauce That Won't
Sit in Your Fridge for 2 Years


It's a different world. Like many, my parents are 1st generation immigrants from Asia. They didn't have many option and they sacrificed so that we can have more opportunity and live a better life, filled with choice.

WUJU is more fun. We try to spend more experimenting, taking inspiration, and creating. We are an Asian American food brand challenging traditional, but always being authentic.

General Wu's Kitchen
Simmer, Toss, or Dip.
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What people are saying...

Easiest stir-fry ever.

Kevin C.

The shiitake mushrooms takes the soy sauce to the next level. Why hasn't soy sauce always been like this?

Melissa S.

My salmon has never been the same since introducing the General Wu's and Sweet & Sour. And the kids LOVE it.

John B.

Simple to Complex recipes.

Asian cooking isn't that scary. Promise.

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