The "Why" in Our Products

Americanized Asian food helped our family live a good life and helped us connect with the community through our restaurants, which makes us very proud to represent this style of fusion eating.

As a second generation Asian American founder, our goal is to achieve the same goal for Asian food, but now on the packaged foods side. All we want is to make Asian food more accessible and reach more people.

Chili Crisp 

Crushed red chilies with 

toasted garlic  sesame seeds  sea salt  in a Szechuan style oil

Potato Chips

Good old fashion potato chips 

bold Vietnamese-inspired flavor  salty & savory  slightly sweet & spicy • fragrant

Hot Sauce

Flavor with a touch of heat and a tropical twist.

gluten-free • low sodium • organic agave nectar based • vegan 

Dipping Sauce & Marinade

We've taken the long list of steps for Asian cooking sauces and bottled it up.

gluten-free • simple ingredients • reduced sodium • vegan 


Where to Buy

Availability may vary by region. Contact us to request WUJU at your local store!