Heat in a microwave or on a stovetop and enjoy Asia's Superfood!

  • Fresh ingredients and seasonings
  • Whole grain, vegan
  • Fully cooked and ready-to-eat
  • Natural antioxidants

  • Non-GMO certified
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • 37% more protein per serving than the average white rice and 3g more fiber per serving!

Our Happy Customers


As a gluten free girl, I never find rice that fills me up AND tastes good. Because it is so jacked with protein and fiber, I feel confident eating it so often. Also, it is so easy to cook and you can even eat it right out of the package, which is an additional benefit as I am always on the go. The flavors are also yummy - highly recommend the sticky ginger scallion. This rice is quick, easy, healthy and tasty- very rare. 10/10

Diana Cohen

Absolutely Brilliant!

This is the tastiest, easiest rice I've ever eaten. My go-to meal is just some stir-fried tomato and eggs, and this black rice makes it so easy. The flavor is really elegant and doesn't overpower the dish, but it adds such a nice touch! It heats up in 30 seconds and I just put my meal right on top.

Tyrus McCartney

Black rice has the lowest glycemic index of rices

This was an excellent compliment to our meal. Delicious and rich flavor but not overbearing. We especially love the low glycemic index of black rice in comparison to white and brown rice, which avoids the blood sugar spike that isn’t good for anyone, but especially my type 1 diabetic wife! Will buy again!!

Stephen C. Sands

“Black rice is the King of rice, but it's more rare and difficult to prep. 

We've sourced, cooked, and seasoned it for you.

What else? You can now have that luxury delivered to your doorstep."

Lawrence Wu

CEO, Founder of WUJU

The best ingredient and sidekick

Our savory classic black rice is a fully cooked super grain with just organic sunflower oil, water, and black rice. It is has a strong aroma and when you first bite into it, you'll feel the unique nutty flavor and crunch of the black rice.

This dark and divinely grain has been known for thousands of years. Once reserved for royalty, we've now made it super easy and convenient for you to have with any meal.

Classically seasoned

Our ginger scallion black rice is a fully cooked super grain with authentic ginger scallion flavoring. This variety has this awesome umami and sweet flavor. All of our ingredients are fresh, which gives it the BEST flavor.

A little spice
A little sweetness

Fully balanced

Our mild chili garlic black rice is a fully cooked super grain with a classic Asian flavor combo. This variety has this awesome a perfect balance of sweet & spicy. Just like our popular sweet curry hot sauce, we are now making a rice dish with a kick that does not knock you off your seat and keeps you coming back for more.

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