About Us

WUJU's mission is to encourage Asian cooking by
culture with food and people.

The Wu family has been in the Asian restaurant business for decades. Eddie and Jenny, my parents, would make gallons of sauces every week for all of our restaurants. 

I want to bring restaurant quality flavors to you, and cut out so much of the Asian cooking process, so you can enjoy it your way. That's the WUJU philosophy.

Our Journey

In 2015, I realized that our original, organic agave nectar-based, Thai/Caribbean tasting hot sauce was something that needed to be shared.

We launched our Kickstarter campaign in August 2015 and had over 2,500 backers in our first 45 days, worldwide - now we're sold all over the country.

Our original sunrise/sunset label design was centered around my friend, Cody Schuler, whom we lost after a fierce battle with cancer. His positive outlook on life inspired me to quit my day job and pursue my passion. 

WUJU's goal is to expand Asian cooking and flavors by empowering people with the culture behind it and simplifying its complexities. 

Larry Wu


 Here's a quick video on our history (note: the products were in our original packaging)


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