Fried Rice

Classic, easy, and always the same. Here is our traditional fried rice recipe but with our special soy sauce. Typically, Asian restaurants have a fried rice / lomein specific sauce. We've taken out the lengthy process of creating a solid sauce. Just use our tangy, earthy soy sauce, so that you can quickly make a tasty fried rice!

- General Wu


8 oz chicken, beef, baby shrimp, or just broccoli 

4 cups of rice (preferably rice that's been left out or been in the fridge for at least half hour)

2 tablespoons of oil

2 large eggs (beaten)

1/2 cup of mixed peas and carrots

1/4 cup onion (diced)

3 tablespoons of WUJU Soy Sauce 

Teaspoon of sea salt and sugar (optional)


1. If you're using chicken or beef, slice into slivers
2. Heat pan / wok until you see it get a little smoky
3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of oil
4. Pour eggs into pan and break it up as it cooks
5. As eggs are just almost done, throw in your peas, carrots, and onions
6. Constantly turn the ingredients over so everything heats up for about 30 seconds
7. Put in the rice and cook for about 1 minute, again constantly turning the ingredients 
8. Then, add in your protein or vegetable and cook for another 30 seconds 
9. Finally, stir in your WUJU Soy Sauce and cook for 1 more minute  
10. Add salt and sugar to taste