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Crave Fearlessly

Asian cooking can be scary. We're here to help.

Flavor First,
Spice Second

Hot sauce more than just peppers and salt.


We've eliminated the hassle of making the sauce and grains properly.

Deliciously Dark

The hearty, beautiful whole grain that is loaded with nutrition.

Flavor is a Universal Language

We are WUJU, and we inspire kitchen confidence with versatile, easy-to-use sauces and sides that demystify Asian cooking. Because believe it or not, Asian food isn’t some unattainable magic made only by chefs in your favorite restaurants.

It’s quick. It’s savory. It’s umami-bomb flavor that’s as simple as your old standbys. WUJU helps you understand it, so you can be unafraid of it.

The WU Behind the WUJU

Kitchen Unconfidential
Get the secrets to cooking up flavorful Asian cuisine without breaking a sweat.